Keren Rice

University Professor
Department of Linguistics
University of Toronto

Fields of interest:



Language change

Athapaskan languages

Language revitalization


Recent publications:

2011. Coeditor (with Marc van Oostendorp, Colin Ewen, Elizabeth Hume). Blackwell’s Companion to Phonology. Wiley-Blackwell. (5 volumes)

2011. The marking of prominence in the Native languages of North America. In Robert Goedemans and Harry van der Hulst (eds.). Stress systems of languages of the world. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

2010. L’esclave (dialecte peau-de-lièvre, famille athapascane). Encyclopédie des sciences du langage. Presses universitaires de France.

2010. The syntax and semantics of activity incorporates in some Athapaskan languages. In Mengistu Amberber, Brett Baker, and Mark Harvey (eds.) Complex predicates: a cross-linguistic perspective. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

2010. The linguist’s responsibility to the community of speakers: community-based research. To appear in Louanna Furbee and Lenore Grenoble (editors). Selected proceedings of the Conference on Language Documentation. John Benjamins.

2009. Must there be two solitudes? Language activists and linguists working together. In Jon Reyhner and Louise Lockhard (editors). Indigenous language revitalizaiton. Encouragement, guidance, and lessons learned. Flagstaff: Northern Arizona University. 30-52.

2009. Nuancing markedness: Comments on Andrea Calabrese: Prolegomena to a realistic theory of phonology. In Charles Cairns and Eric Raimy (eds.) Architecture and representations in  phonological theory. Cambridge: MIT Press. 311-321.

2009. The role of the linguist in language maintenance and revitalization: documentation, training, and materials development. With Lenore Grenoble and Norvin Richards. In Wayne Harbert (editor), with help from Sally McConnell-Ginet, Amanda Miller, and John Whitman. Language and poverty. Multilingual Matters.183-201.

2009. Compounds in Slave (Dene). In Rochelle Lieber and Pavel Stekauer (eds.) The Oxford handbook of compounding. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 542-563.

2008. On the evolution of activity incorporates in Athabaskan languages. Diachronica 25.2. 262-297.