Zdenek Kalab

Head of Laboratory of Geophysics, Associate Professor in geotechnics and underground engineering, VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
Institute of Geonics
Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, Ostrava
E-mail: kalab@ugn.cas.cz
Page: http://www.ugn.cas.cz

Fields of interest:

  • Applied geophysics
  • Seismology
  • Data processing
  • Geotechnical monitoring


Recent publications:

N. Častová, D. Horák and Z. Kaláb:
The Wavelet Based Analysis of Seismic Signals and Not Only of Them.
APLIMAT 2006, proceedings of 5th Int. Conference, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 2006, pp. 395-403.

E. Hrubešová and Z. Kaláb:
Example of Modeling of the Mining Induced Seismicity Impact on the Building Using Numerical System Plaxis,
In: Pa. Konečný (Ed.): EUROCK 2005 – Impact of Human Activity on the Geological Environment,
A.A. Balkema Publisher, Leiden, 2005, pp. 213-218.

V. Schenk, Z. Kaláb, R. Grygar, K. Holub, J. Jelínek, J. Knejzlík, P. Kottnauer and Z. Schenková:
Fundamental Mobility Trends in the Northern Part of the Moravo-Silesian Zone (the Bohemian Massif) – A Complex Geodynamic Analysis,
Acta Research Reports, Vol. 13, (2004), pp. 75-90.

Z. Kaláb:
Impact of Seismicity on Surface in Mining Affected Areas: General Description,
Acta Geodyn. Geomater., Vol. 1(133), (2004), pp. 35-39.

A.A. Lyubushin Jr., Z. Kaláb and N. Častová:
Application of Wavelet Analysis to the Automatic Classification of Three-Component Seismic Records, Izvestiya,
Physics of the Solid Earth, Vol. 40(7), (2004), pp. 587-593.