Mark Karpovsky

Professor, Director of Reliable Computing Laboratory
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Boston University

Fields of interest: 

design of secure cryptographic devices, fault-tolerant computing, error correcting codes, testing and diagnosis of computer hardware


Recent publications:

M. G. Karpovsky, R.S. Stankovic, J. T. Astola: 
“Spectral Logic and Its Applications for the Design of Digital Devices”,
John Wiley&Sons, 595 pages, 2008.

Z.Wang, M.G.Karpovsky and A.Joshi: 
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IEEE Trans on VLSI, Vol PP, Issue 99 , 2011.

K. Kulikowski, M. G. Karpovsky:
“Robust Correction of Repeating Errors by Nonlinear Codes”,  
Communications, IET, Vol 5 pp2317-2327, 4, 2011.

Z.Wang, M.G.Karpovsky and A.Joshi:
“Reliable NAND Memories Based on Nonlinear Multi-Error Correcting Codes”,  
IEEE Trans on VLSI, Vol PP, Issue 99, 2011.

K.D.Akdemir, Z. Wang, M. G. Karpovsky, and B. Sunar:
“Design of Cryptographic Devices Resilient to Fault Injection Attacks Using Nonlinear Robust Codes”, 
Fault Analysis in Cryptography, M.  Joye Editor, 2012.

M. Karpovsky: 
“Design of Secure Hardware Resistant to Attacks”,
Proc. EW Design and Test Symp., Sept 2010.

L.B. Levitin, M. G. Karpovsky, M. Mustafa: 
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IEEE Trans. Parallel and Distributed Systems., vol. 21, No. 9, Sept 2010 , pp. 1342-1353.

Z. Wang, M. G. Karpovsky, K. Kulikowski: 
“Design of Memories with Concurrent Error Detection and Correction by  Non-Linear SEC-DED Codes”,
Journal of Electronic Testing, vol. 26, Oct 2010.

Z. Wang, M. G. Karpovsky, K. Kulikowski: 
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