Kath Browne

Environment & Technology
University of Brighton
E-mail: k.a.browne@brighton.ac.uk

Fields of interest

Social and Cultural Geographies,

Queer Geographies,

Geographies of Sexualities,

Feminist Geographies


Recent publications

Browne, K., Bakshi, L. and Lim, J.
‘It’s something you just have to ignore’: Understanding Contemporary Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans,
Safety Journal of Social Policy 40(4), pp. 739-756, 2011

Browne, K. and Bakshi L.
‘Don’t Look Back in Anger: Possibilities and Problems of Trans Equalities’ ,
Graduate Journal of Social Sciences 8 (2), pp. 58-81, 2011

Browne, K. and Bakshi, L.
‘We are here to Party?: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Leisurescapes’,
Leisure Studies 30(2), pp. 179-196, 2011.

Browne, K
Beyond rural idylls: Imperfect Lesbian Utopias at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival,
Journal of Rural Studies 27 (1), pp. 13-23, 2011.

Browne, K
By Partner we Mean…: Alternative Geographies of ‘Gay Marriage’,
Sexualities 14 (1), pp. 100-122, 2011.

Browne, K and Nash, C. eds,
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