Patrick J. Keeling

Department of Botany
University of British Columbia, Canada

Field of interests:

Molecular evolution of protists

Eukaryotic genome evolution

Eukaryotic phylogenomics

Origin of apicomplexa

Evolution of parasitism in protists

Origin and evolution of plastids


Recent publications:

Carpenter KJ, Horak A, Chow L, Keeling PJ:
Associations of cellulolytic parabasalid protists and their bacterial symbionts in the hindgut of the wood-feeding cockroach Cryptocercus punctulatus.
J. Eukaryot. Microbiol., (2011), In press.

Koreny L, Sobotka R, Janouškovec J, Keeling PJ, Obornik M:
Apicomplexan parasites and photosynthetic chromerids synthesize tetrapyrroles using a homologous non-canonical pathway.
Plant Cell., (2011), In press

Selman M, Pombert J-F, Solter L, Farinelli L, Weiss LM, Keeling PJ, Corradi N:
Acquisition of an animal gene by microsporidain intracellular parasites.
Curr. Biol., 21(15), (2011): R576-577.

Hirakawa Y, Burki F, Keeling PJ:
Nucleus- and nucleomorph-targeted histone proteins in a cholarachniophyte alga.
Mol. Microbiol. 80, (2011): 1339-1449.

Smith DR, Burki F, Yamada T, Grimwood J, Grigoriev IV, Van Etten JL, Keeling PJ:
The GC-rich mitochondrial and plastid genomes of the green alga Coccomyxa give insight into the evolution of organelle DNA nucleotide landscape.
PLoS One, 6, (2011): e23624.

Botte CY, Yamaryo-Botte Y, Janouškovec J, Keeling PJ, McFadden GI:
Identification of plant-like galactolipids in Chromera velia, a photosynthetic relative of malaria parasites.
J. Biol. Chem., 286, (2011): 29893-29903.

Keeling PJ:
Endosymbiosis: bacteria sharing the load.
Curr. Biol., 21, (2011): R623-624.

Slamovits CH, Okamoto N, Burri L, James ER, Keeling PJ:
A bacterial proteorhodopsin proton pump in marine heterotrophic eukaryotes.
Nat. Comm.,2, (2011): 183.

Corradi N, Pombert JF, Farinelli L, Didier ES, Keeling PJ:
The complete sequence of the smallest known nuclear genome from the microsporidian Encephalitozoon intestinalis.
Nat. Comm., 1, (2010): 77.