Professor Dr. Kostas Gouliamos

Rector of the European University Cyprus, President of the Cyprus Rector’s Conference (2015-17), Honorary Professor of the Lanzhou City University, China

Professor Kostas Gouliamos, PhD is the Rector (re-elected in 2017) of the European University Cyprus. He is also President of the Cyprus Rector’s Conference (2015-17).
He is Honorary Professor of the Lanzhou City University /China. Before coming to European University Cyprus (2003) and Laureate (2005), Professor K. Gouliamos lectured and researched for more than fifteen years at leading Canadian & European Universities.
According to the ‘University of Toronto Quarterly’, his research work – along with Professor W. Anselmi /University of Alberta – qualifies him to “the Frankfurt School’s epigones”.
He appointed Member to the Steering Committee for Higher Education & Research (CDED) of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg/France. Professor Gouliamos was Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Social Survey: a major research project that won Europe’s top award, the Descartes Prize. Since 2007 is Member of the European Commission /Research Directorate General – European RTD Evaluation Network. He has written a considerable number of books, chapters and papers on media, culture, politics and communication; his work translated in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese.
Parts of his research work listed in the Volume of the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS), produced by the London School of Economics & Political Science.
He served as a senior communication advisor to the Greek Government (1996-1999) and to the President of the Republic of Cyprus (2008-2013) as well as to several corporations (including Exxon/Mobil; Carlsberg, etc.).

Fields of interest

Critical studies in communication, public affairs, politics and culture.

Recent publications

Kostas Gouliamos. 2013 (forthcoming chapter):
“From Biodigital Cultures to Biodigital Politics”. In the series “Smart Media and Application Research”
volume edited by Jak Boumans & Peter Bruck. Germany: Springer Gabler

Kostas Gouliamos and Christos Kassimeris. 2012:
The Marketing of War in the Age of Neo-Militarism.
Routledge Advances in Sociology: New York, NY, USA

Kostas Gouliamos and Marios Vryonides. 2010:
Aspects of Cypriot society – findings from the European Social Survey.
En Typis Publications. Nicosia, Cyprus.

Kostas Gouliamos. 2010:
Guest-Editor for a special issue on “Political Public Opinion Capital: Innovative Approaches”.
Journal of Political Marketing, Vol.9, Issue 1 & 2. USA: Taylor & Francis

Kostas Gouliamos. 2010:
“The Eurasian Strategy of Turkey”.
Monthly Review (Journal). No.61(126)

Kostas Gouliamos and Antonis Theocharous. 2008:
“Harming Democracy in Mediolatry Societies – Decoding the Marketing of War and Animosities through Photo Images”.
Journal of Political Marketing. Vol 7, Numbers 3/4. USA: Haworth Press.

Kostas Gouliamos. 2008:
Guest Editor for a special issue on “The Era of Globalization”.
Hellenic Studies. Vol 16, No1. Canada

Kostas Gouliamos. 2008:
The Biopolitics of totalitarianism – essays on the pathologies of capitalism.
Taxideftis: Athens.

Kostas Gouliamos 2008:
“National Identities and Supranational Elite”.
Chapter in M. Damanakis “Globalization and the Greek Diaspora” (electronic volume). University of Crete/ Greece: EDIAMEP.

William Anselmi and Kostas Gouliamos. 2005:
Happy Slaves – on Multicultural Deficit.
Guernica, Toronto / New York. Canada, USA