Ramin Kiamehr

Assistant Professor
Department of Geomatics
Zanjan University, Zanjan
E-mail: Kiamehr@kth.se
Page: http://www.Kiamehr.ir

Fields of interest

  • Geoid modeling
  • Geodynamics

Recent publications

R. Kiamehr:

Practical concepts in geoid modeling, with geophysical and geodynamical interpretations,
LAP academic publishing, Saarbrücken, 2010.

R. Kiamehr and L.E. Sjöberg:
An optimum way to determine a precise gravimetric geoid model based on the least-squares modification of Stokes’ formula- A case study of Sweden,
Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica Hungarica, (in press).

J. Ågren, L.E. Sjöberg and R. Kiamehr:
The new gravimetric quasi-geoid model KTH08 over Sweden,
Journal of Applied Geodesy, 3, 143–153 (2009).

R. Kiamehr:
Ambiguity resolution techniques using syntactic data, case study: comparison of the LAMBDA and KTH methods,
Iranian Journal of Science & Technology, 32, 519-530 (2008).

R. Kiamehr and M. Eshagh:
Estimating of variance components of ellipsoidal, orthometric and geoidal heights through the GPS/levelling Network in Iran,
Journal of the Earth and Space physics, 34, 1-13 (2008).

R. Kiamehr and M. Eshagh:
EGMlab, a scientific software for determining the gravity and gradient components from global geopotential models,
Journal of Earth Science Informatics, 1, 93-103 (2008).

R. Kiamehr, M. Eshagh and L.E. Sjöberg:
General geophysical patterns in Iran based on GRACE gradient component analysis,
Acta Geophysica, 56, 440-454 (2008).

R. Kiamehr:
Qualification and refinement of the gravity database based on cross-validation approach, a case study of Iran,
Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica Hungarica, 42, 285-295 (2007).

R. Kiamehr:
A new height datum for Iran based on combination of the gravimetric and GPS/levelling geoid models,
Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica Hungarica, 42, 69-81 (2007).

R. Kiamehr:
The Impact of the lateral density variation model in determination of the precise gravimetric geoid in mountainous areas: A case study of Iran,
Geophysical Journal International, 167, 521–527 (2006).