Konstantin Kougioumtzis

PhD, Assistant Professor
Physical Education Counselor
Region of Athens
E-mail: Konstantin.Kougioumtzis@degruyteropen.com

Responsibilities at De Gruyter Open:

  • Strategically plans and manages Open Access Books publishing program in Sport, Physical Education
  • Searches for good book proposals and manuscripts
  • Builds team of Associate Editors in all subfields of Sport, Physical Education
  • Assists authors in development of book manuscripts
  • Coordinates book copyediting, technical editing and production

Fields of interest

Sport science, education, physical education, comparative studies

Recent publications

K. Kougioumtzis, G. Patriksson, O. Stråhlman:
PE teachers’ professionalization: a review of occupational power and professional control,
Eur. Phys. Ed. Rev. 17 (1), (2011)

A. Toriola, L. Amusa, G. Patriksson, K. Kougioumtzis:
Physical Education as a tool for developing health and social skills,
Afr. J. Phys. Ed. Recreation Dance. 16 (3), 327 (2010)

K. Kougioumtzis, G. Patriksson:
School-based teacher colalboration in Sweden and Greece,
Teachers and Teaching. Theory and Practice. 15 (1), 131 (2009)

K. Kougioumtzis:
Teacher cultures and professional codes,
Teachers and Teaching. Br. J Sociol. Educ. 29(3) 131 (2008)

K. Kougioumtzis, G. Patriksson:.
Framing physical education in Greek and Swedish schools,
Int. J. Phys. Educ.. 44 (3), 106 (2007)