Krzysztof Markowicz

Assistance Professor
Institute of Geophysics, Faculty of Physics
University of Warsaw, Warszawa, Poland

Fields of interest:

  • radiative transfer in the atmosphere
  • aerosol direct effect
  • passive and active remote sensing

Recent publications:

O. Zawadzka, K.M. Markowicz, A. Pietruczuk, T. Zielinski, J. Jarosławski:
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Atmos. Environ., vol. 69 (2013), pp. 15–28.

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Acta Geophys., vol. 60 (2012), pp. 1308-1337.

K.M. Markowicz and M.L. Witek:
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K.M. Markowicz and M.L. Witek:
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Atmos. Environ., vol. 48 (2011), pp. 66-75.

M.L. Witek, P.J. Flatau, J. Teixeira, K.M. Markowicz:
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K.M. Markowicz, P.J. Flatau, A.E. Kardas, J. Remiszewska, K. Stelmaszczyk, and L. Woeste:
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