Keith D. McCall

Ph.D. Student
Rice University

Fields of interest:

American slavery and Reconstruction; black migration; 19th century agriculture; Atlantic History

Recent publications:

Keith D. McCall
The American Slave, A Database: An Examination of the Methodology and Results of Digitizing the Slave Narrative Collection,
In The Americanist Independent 1.1 (July 2014): 21-48.

Keith D. McCall
Review of Pete Daniel, Dispossession: Discrimination Against African American Farmers in the Age of Civil Rights, in Essays in History (2014) (forthcoming).

Keith D. McCall
Slightly Built and Full of Slaves: An Analysis of the Vessels Employed in the British American Slave Trade, 1700-1807. 15th Annual International Graduate Student Conference on Transatlantic History at the University of Texas at Arlington, September 19, 2014.