Konstantinos Spanos

Senior Researcher (Senior Research Scientist/Prof.)
E-mail: kspanos@fri.gr

Fields of interest:

Plant Pathology, Plant Ecology, Plant Breeding, Silviculture, Arboriculture,

Conservation and Management, Forest Biomass, Wood properties, Landscape management, Soil improvement

Recent publications:

Spanos, K.A., Woodward, S., 1997. Responses of Cupressus and Chamaecyparis callus tissues to inoculations with Seiridium cardinale. European Journal of Forest Pathology 27: 13-21.

Spanos, K.A., Pirrie, A., Woodward, S., Xenopoulos, S., 1999. Responses in the bark of Cupressus sempervirens clones artificially inoculated with Seiridium cardinale under field conditions. European Journal of Forest Pathology 29: 135-142.

Spanos, K.A., Pirrie, A. Woodward, S., 1999. The effect of fertilizer and shading treatments on rooting efficiency in cuttings of the Cupressaceae. Silvae Genetica 48 (5): 248-254.

Spanos, K.A., Pirrie, A. Woodward, S., 2001. Screening for resistance to Seiridium cardinale, S. cupressi, and S. unicorne isolates in glasshouse-grown seedlings of Cupressaceae. Silvae Genetica 50 (5-6): 258-264.

Spanos, I.A., Koukos, P.K., Spanos, K.A., 2001. Comparative investigation on wood production of eleven poplar clones in an experimental planting in North Greece. Holz als Roh- und Werkstoff 59: 73-78.

Tor-Bjorn Larsson, K. Spanos, A. D. Watt, 2001. Biodiversity evaluation tools for European forests. Ecological Bulletins No. 50, 231 pp.

Trakolis, D., Spanos, K., Spanos, I., Platis, P., 2002. Biological diversity and nature conservation measures on mount Tzena-Pinovo, Greece (Natural Areas Journal).

VERDU, M., SPANOS, K.A., CANOVA, I., SLOBODNIK, B. and L. PAULE, 2006. Similar Gender Dimorphism in the Costs of Reproduction across the Geographic Range of Fraxinus ornus. Annals of Botany 99, 183-191 (2007).

SPANOS, K.A. and A. FEEST, 2007. A Review of the Assessment of Biodiversity in Forest Ecosystems. Management of Environmental Quality 18 (4): 475-486.

PAPI, R.M., Spanos, K.A., Kyriakidis, D.A., 2012. Genetic variation of Fraxinus angustifolia natural populations in Greece based on nuclear and chloroplast microsatellite markers. European Journal of Forest Research 131: 1151-1161