Sanjay Kumar

Associate Professor of Bioengineering
Department of Bioengineering
University of California Berkeley, USA

Fields of interest: 

bioengineering, mechanobiology, stem cell engineering, tumor invasion and metastasis, extracellular matrix, biomaterials


Recent publications:

J. L. MacKay, A. J. Keung, and S. Kumar:
A genetic strategy for the dynamic and graded control of cell mechanics, motility, and matrix remodeling.
Biophysical Journal 102: 434-442, (2012)

N. Srinivasan and S. Kumar:
Ordered and disordered proteins as nanomaterial building blocks. 
Wiley Interdiscipliary Reviews (WIREs): Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology (2012). 

S. Sen, W. P. Ng, and S. Kumar:
Contributions of talin-1 to glioma cell-matrix tensional homeostasis. 
Journal of the Royal Society Interface (2011)

A. J. Keung*, E. M. de Juan-Pardo*, D. V. Schaffer, and S. Kumar:
Rho GTPases mediate the mechanosensitive lineage commitment of neural stem cells.
Stem Cells 29: 1886-1897, (2011)

A. A. Patel, T. A. Desai, and S. Kumar:
Microtopographical assembly of cardiomyocytes.
Integrative Biology 3: 1011-1019, (2011)

B. Ananthanarayanan, Y. Kim, and S. Kumar:
Elucidating the mechanobiology of malignant brain tumors using a brain matrix-mimetic hyaluronic acid hydrogel platform.
Biomaterials 32: 7913-7923, (2011)

T. A. Ulrich, T. G. Lee, H. K, Shon, D. W. Moon, and S. Kumar:
Microscale mechanisms of agarose-induced disruption of collagen remodeling.
Biomaterials 32: 5633-5642, (2011)

A. Pathak and S. Kumar:
Biophysical regulation of tumor cell invasion: Moving beyond matrix stiffness.
Integrative Biology 3: 267-278, (2011)

A. Pathak and S. Kumar:
From molecular signal activation to locomotion: An integrated, multiscale analysis of cell motility on defined matrices.
PLoS ONE 6: E18423, (2011)

T. A. Ulrich, E. M. de Juan Pardo, and S. Kumar:
The mechanical rigidity of the extracellular matrix regulates the structure, motility, and proliferation of glioma cells.
Cancer Research 69: 4167-4174, (2009)