Klaus-Uwe Panther

Distinguished Visiting Professor /Professor emeritus
School of Foreign Languages and Cultures/ Department of English and American Studies
Nanjing Normal University/ University of Hamburg
E-mail: panther@uni-hamburg.de
Page: http://www.uni-hamburg.de/iaa/panther_e.html

Fields of interest:

Cognitive Linguistics, Pragmatics, Metonymy Theory, Motivation

Recent publications:

K. U. Panther, L. L. Thornburg (eds.)
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Amsterdam & Philadelphia: Benjamins 2012.

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Language Sciences 40. 2013, pp. 36–44.

K. U. Panther
Motivation in language.
In: Sh. Kreitler (ed.), Cognition and Motivation: Forging an Interdisciplinary Perspective. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2013, 407–432.

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