Max G. Lagally

E.W. Mueller Professor and Bascom Professor
Materials Science & Engineering and Physics
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fields of interest: 

Nanoscale properties of surfaces, interfaces, thin films, crystalline nanomembranes, and dimensionally confined structures primarily of Group IV semiconductors; atom-scale mechanisms of film growth; relationship of morphology and strain to localized mechanical, electronic, optoelectronic, and photonic properties.


Recent publications:

J.A. Rogers, M.G. Lagally, R. G. Nuzzo:
Synthesis, assembly and applications of semiconductor nanomembranes,
Nature 477, (2011), 45.

D.M. Paskiewicz, B. Tanto, D.E. Savage, and M.G. Lagally:
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ACS Nano 5, (2011), 5814.

M.H. Huang, F. Cavallo, Feng Liu, and M.G. Lagally:
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A.M. Kiefer, D. M. Paskiewicz, A.M. Clausen, W.R. Buchwald, R. A. Soref, and M.G. Lagally:
Si/Ge Junctions Formed by Nanomembrane Bonding,
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F. Cavallo, D. Grierson, K. Turner, and M.G. Lagally:
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Minrui Yu, Yu Huang, J.Ballweg, Hyuncheol Shin, M.H. Huang, D. E. Savage, M.G. Lagally, E.W. Dent, R.H. Blick, and J.C. Williams:
Semiconductor Nanomembrane Tubes: Three-Dimensional Confinement for Controlled Neurite Outgrowth,
ACS Nano 5, (2011), 2247.

Feng Chen, E. B. Ramayya, C. Euaruksakul, F. J. Himpsel, B.-J. Ding, I. Knezevic, and M.G. Lagally:
Quantum Confinement, Surface Roughness, and the Conduction Band Structure of Ultrathin Silicon Membranes,
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