Rafael Lalive

Full Professor
Department of Economics
Université de Lausanne
E-mail: Rafael.Lalive@unil.ch
Page: http://sites.google.com/site/rafaellalive/

Fields of interest: 

Social Economics, Labor Economics, Public Economics, Microeconometrics 


Recent publications:

Are Unemployment Benefit Sanctions Effective? Looking Beyond Unemployment Exit,
Journal of Applied Econometrics, forthcoming, (with Patrick Arni and Jan C. van Ours)

Do Financial Incentives affect Firms’ Demand for Disabled Workers?,
Journal of the European Economic Association, forthcoming (with Wüllrich, Jean-Philippe and Zweimüller, Josef)

The Demand for Social Insurance: Does Culture Matter?
Economic Journal, 2011, 121 (556): F413-F448 (with Beatrix Eugster, Josef Zweimüller, and Andreas Steinhauer)

Antonakis J. & Lalive R. (2011): 
Counterfactuals and causal inference: Methods and principles for social research. Review of S. L. Morgan and C. Winship.
Structural Equation Modeling, 18, 152-159.

Antonakis J., Bendahan S., Jacquart P. & Lalive R. (2010): 
On making causal claims: A review and recommendations.
The Leadership Quarterly, 21(6), 1086-1120.

Lalive R. & Stutzer A. (2010): 
Approval of Equal Rights and Gender Differences in Well-Being.
Journal of Population Economics, 23(3), 933-962.

Kuhn A., Lalive R. & Zweimüller J. (2009): 
The Public Health Costs of Unemployment.
Journal of Health Economics, 28(2009), 1099-1115.

Lalive R. & Cattaneo A. (2009):
Social Interactions and Schooling Decisions.
Review of Economics and Statistics, 91(3), 457-477.

Lalive R. & Grütter M. (2009): 
The Importance of Firms in Wage Determination.
Labour Economics, 16(2), 149-160.

Lalive R. & Zweimüller J. (2009):
Does Parental Leave Affect Fertility and Return-to-Work? Evidence from Two Natural Experiments.
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 124(3), 1363-1402.