Irena Lasiecka

Department of Mathematics
University of Virginia, Charlottesville

Fields of Interest:

Control Theory for Partial Differential Equations



Optimal Control

Nonlinear PDE Evolutions

Long Time Behavior of PDE's and Attractors

Coupled PDE Systems with an Interface


Recent publications:

M. Cavalcanti, I. Lasiecka and D. Toundykov:
Wave equation with damping a_ecting only a subset of static Wentzell boundary is uniformly stable,
Transactions of AMS  (to appear).

Chueshov and I. Lasiecka:
On Global attractor for 2D Kirchhoff-Boussinesq model with supercritical nonlinearity, Communications in Partial Differential Equations  36 (2011), 67-99.

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Progress in Nonlinear Differential Equations and Their Applications, Herbert Amann Festschrift. Springer Basel AG, vol. 60, pp. 357-387, 2011.

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Von Karman Evolutions,
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Smoothness of weak solutions to a nonlinear fluid-structure interaction model,
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