Andrzej Leśniak

Department of Geoinformatics and Applied Computer Science
AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland

Fields of interest:

  • Applied geophysics
  • Remote sensing
  • Geoinformatics


Recent publications:

A. Leśniak and Z. Isakow:
Space-time clustering of seismic events and hazard assessment in the Zabrze-Bielszowice coal mine, Poland,
Inter. J. Rock Mech. & Min. Sci., (2009), (in press).

A. Leśniak, J. Karczewski, T. Danek and J. Zietek:
Application of the georadar method to locate bat habitats in abandoned mining galleries,
Pol. J. Environ. Stud., Vol. 17, No. 3A, (2008), pp. 377-381.

A. Leśniak and S. Porzycka:
Environment monitoring using satellite radar interferometry technique (PSInSAR),
Pol. J. Environ. Stud.
, Vol. 17, No. 3A, (2008), pp. 382-387.

A. Leśniak and G. Pszczoła:
Combined mine tremors source location and error evaluation in the Lubin Copper Mine (Poland),
Tectonophysics, Vol. 456, (2008), pp. 16-27.

K. Pietsch, P. Marzec, M. Kobylarski, T. Danek, A. Leśniak, A. Tatarata and E. Gruszczyk:
Identification of seismic anomalies caused by gas saturation on the basis of theoretical P and PS wavefield in the Carpathian Foredeep, SE Poland,
Acta Geophys., Vol. 55, No. 2, (2007), pp.191-208.

A. Leśniak and T. Danek:
Efficiency of Linux clusters in multi-component elastic wave field modeling in anisotropic media,
68th EAGE Conference & Exhibition: incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2006: 12-15 June 2006, Wien, (2006), pp. 217.

A. Leśniak and G. Pszczoła:
Non-linear optimization methods for small earthquake location,
TASK Quarterly, Vol. 8, No. 4, (2004), pp. 583-590.

A. Leśniak and H. Niitsuma:
Time-frequency coherency analysis of three-component crosshole seismic data for arrival detection,
Geophysics, Vol. 63, (1998), pp. 1847-1857.

A. Leśniak and H. Niitsuma:
Dispersion analysis of seismic crosshole data using time-frequency coherency function,
Acta. Geophys. Pol., Vol. 45, No. 2, (1997), pp. 129-140.

A. Leśniak and H. Niitsuma:
Resolution of time-frequency analysis for seismic crosshole measurements,
J. Appl. Geophys., Vol. 35, No. 2-3, (1996), pp. 105-116.