Gabriel Levy

Visiting Scholar, PhD
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Dartmouth College

Fields of Interest:


Method and Theory

Philosophy of Language and Mind

Cognitive Science of Religion


Recent Publications:

“Rabbinic Language from an Integrationist Perspective,” Language Sciences 33: 4 (2011). In Press.

“Rabbinic Philosophy of Language: Not in Heaven,” Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy 18: 2 (2010).

“Review Essay: Contemporary Theories of Religion, A Critical Companion,” Numen 57: 2 (2010), 212-230.

“Review of Brothers Estranged: Heresy, Christianity, and Jewish Identity in Late Antiquity by Adiel Schremer,” Journal of Religion in Europe 4 (2011). In press.

“Technology and Past Minds – the Case of Jewish Niche Construction,” in Luther Martin and Jesper Sorensen (eds.), Past Minds: Studies in Cognitive Historiography (London: Equinox, 2011). In Press.

“Myth” in Eric Mazur (ed.), Encyclopedia of Religion and Film (London: Greenwood Press, February 2011).

“Biblical Prophecy in Recent American Theological Politics,” Postscripts 2:1 (2006): 59-85.