Dr. Lalchand Govindram Gwalani

Research Geologist and Gledden Senior Visiting Fellow
King River Copper Liminite (KRCL) and the University of Western Australia
E-mail: lgwalani@gmail.com
Page: http://lggwalani.jimdo.com/

Fields of interest:

  • Mineralogy: Processes of Mineralization. Fluorite and associated mineralization (Pb, Cu, Au, etc.), Mineralization related to carbonatites and ultra-mafic rocks
  • Petrology : Ore genesis and genesis of alkaline rocks, carbonatites, lamprophyres, lamproites and kinberlites; Flood basalts and associated intrusive complexes
  • Geochemistry: Investigation of platinum-group elements in  ultramafic rocks, Mineral chemistry of platinum-group minerals,  Noble gas isotope geochemistry of alkali basalts, etc.
  • EnvironmentalGeology: Chemistry of geologic environment pertaining to water quality and hazards.

Recent publications:

Downes, P. J.,  Demeny,A., Czuppon, G.,  Jacques, A.L., Verrall, M., Sweetapple, M., Adams, T.D.,  McNaughton, N.J., Gwalani, L.G.  and Griffin. B. (2014):
Stable H–C–O isotope and trace element geochemistry of the Cummins Range Carbonatite Complex, Kimberley region, Western Australia: implications for hydrothermal REE mineralization, carbonatite evolution and mantle source regions.
Mineralium Deposita 49 (8): 905-932.

Czuppon, Gy  Ramsay, R.R.,  Özgenc, I.,   Demény, A., Gwalani, L.G.,  Rogers, K. , Eves, A., Papp, L., Palcsu, L., Berkesi, M. and Downes, P.J. (2014):
Stable (H, O, C) and noble-gas (He and Ar) isotopic compositions from calcite and fluorite in the Speewah Dome, Kimberley Region, Western Australia: implications for the conditions of crystallization and evidence for the influence of crustal-mantle fluid mixing.
Mineralogy and Petrology, DOI 10.1007/s00710-014-0333-7

Sethna, B.S. and Gwalani, L.G. (2011):
Petrological and Geochemical characteristics of the Deccan Flood basalts of Nagpur, India: Implications on their genesis.
Journal of Applied Geochemistry, Vol.(1): 27-41.

Gwalani, L.G, Rogers, K,  Demney, A., Groves, D.I. , Ramsay, R. and Beard, A. (2009):
The Yungul carbonatite dykes intruding  the Hart Dolerite sill at Speewah, Kimberley, Australia : Carbon and oxygen isotope constraints on origin.
Special Issue of Mineralogy and Petrology

Comin-Chiaramonti, P., Cundari, A. Ruberti, E., De Min, A., Gittins, J. Gomes, C.B. and Gwalani, L.G. (2009):
Genesis of analcime and nepheline-potassium feldspar-kalsilite intergrowths: A review.
Acta Vulcanlologica, A volume dedicated to Professor Fabrizio Innocenti, (Editors: P. Armienti, Massimo D’Orazio and Sergio Rocchi), AV fabrizio Serra Editore, Pisa-Roma, Italy.

Ramasamy, R., Dhote, P.S., S.F.R. Khadri and Gwalani, L.G. (2004):
Carbonatite-alkalic complex of Tiruppattur, Tamil Nadu, South India –1 : Petrography and Petrochemistry of the carbonatites.
Indian Journal of Geochemistry, No.19, pp.167-187

Yang, X-Y., Gwalani, L.G., Dai, J., Liu, D.,  and Tao, S., (2004):
Study of carbon isotopes and noble gases from mantle peridotite xenoliths from Cenozoic alkali-basalts  of Tanlu Fault Zone : Implications for origin of the CO2-enriched gas fields of Eastern China.
Indian Journal of Geochemistry, Vol. 19: 95-118

Ramasamy, R., Gwalani, L.G. , and Lytwyn, J., (2004):
CO2 and H2O fluid inclusions in some mineral phases from the carbonatite alkaline complex of Tiruppattur, Tamil Nadu, India: A preliminary study.
International Journal of Resource, Industrial and Environmental Geology, Vol.1, pp. 07-13.

R.K. Bopche, B.V. Shastri and L.G. Gwalani (2002):
Geomorphological and geoelectric characteristics of Ramtek-Mansar Basin, Nagpur District, Maharshtra.
Journal Geological Society of India, Vol.59: 497-502.

Ramasamy, R., Gwalani, L.G, and  Subramanian, S.P., (2001):
A note on the occurrence and formation of magnetites in the carbonatites of Sevvattur, North Arcot District, Tamilnadu, South India, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, Special Issue (Part II, Editors L.G. Gwalani & J. Lytwyn) on alkaline and carbonatitic magmatism and associated mineralization” (Elsevier Science, Oxford, UK). Volume 19 (3), pages 297-304, April 2001.