Gary Libben

Professor of Linguistics
Department of Linguistics
University of Alberta, USA

Fields of interest:




Recent publications:

Archibald, J. & Libben, G. (forthcoming):
Research perspectives on second language acquisition.
Toronto: Copp Clark Pitman.

Schirmeier, M., Derwing, B.L, & Libben, G. (in press):
‘Lexicality, morphological structure and semantic transparency in the processing of German ver-verbs’.
Brain and Language.

Libben, G. & Buchanan, L. (in press):
‘Morphology, Semantics, and the Mental Lexicon: The failure of deactivation hypothesis’.
Logos and Language.

Libben, G. & Jarema, G. (accepted):
‘Conceptions of the Mental Lexicon’.
Brain and Language.

Libben, G. (accepted):
‘Why study compounds? An overview of the issues’. In G. Libben & G. Jarema, (Eds.),
The representation and processing of compound words.

Libben, G. & Libben, M. (in press):
‘Ecological validity in experimental psycholinguistic research’.
Thirtieth LACUS Forum.

Libben, G., Gibson, M., Yoon, Y-B. & Sandra D. (2003):
‘Compound fracture: The role of semantic transparency and morphological headedness’.
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Brain and Language, 84, 65-83.