Li Liu

Professor, Sir Robert Ho Tung Professor in Chinese Archaeology
Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
Stanford University

Fields of interest:

  • Archaeology of early China (Neolithic and Bronze Age)
  • Ritual practice in ancient China
  • Cultural interaction between China and other parts of the Old World
  • Domestication of plants and animals in China
  • Ancient starch analysis
  • Development of complex societies and state formation
  • Settlement archaeology
  • Urbanism

Recent publications:

2013 (Liu, Li, Sheahan Bestel, Jinming Shi, Yanhua Song, and Xingcan Chen), Paleolithic human exploitation of plant foods during the last glacial maximum in North China. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 110(14):5380-5385.

2012 (Li Liu and Xingcan Chen) The Archaeology of China: From the late Paleolithic to the early Bronze Age. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

2011 (Li Liu, Wei Ge, Sheahan Bestel, Duncan Jones, Jinming Shi, Yanhua Song, Xingcan Chen), Plant exploitation of the last foragers at Shizitan in the Middle Yellow River Valley China: evidence from grinding stones. Journal of Archaeological Science 38(12) December: 3524-3532. doi:10.1016/j.jas.2011.08.015

2010 (Xingcan Chen, Li Liu and Chunyan Zhao). Salt from southern Shanxi and the development of early states in China. In Salt Production in China in a Comparative Perspective, Salt Archaeology in China, vol. 2. Eds. by Shuicheng Li and Lothar von Falkenhausen, pp.43-65. Beijing: Kexue Chubanshe.

2010 (Li Liu, Judith Field, Richard Fullagar, Chaohong Zhao, Xingcan Chen, Jincheng Yu), A functional analysis of grinding stones from an early Holocene site at Donghulin, North China , Journal of Archaeological Science, 37 (10) October: 2630-2639.

2010 (Li Liu, Judith Field, Richard Fullagar, Sheahan Bestel, Xiaolin Ma, and Xingcan Chen), What did grinding stones grind? New light on Early Neolithic subsistence economy in the Middle Yellow River Valley, China. Antiquity 84(325) September:816-833.

2010 (Liu, Li, Field, J., Weisskopf, A., Webb, J., Jiang, L., Wang, H., Chen, X.), The exploitation of acorn and rice in early Holocene Lower Yangzi River, China, Acta Anthropologica Sinica, 29(3) Aug.: 317-336. (This article was ranked no 2 among the 4 best articles published in the journal in 2010, elected by the Journal Editorial Board. The result was published in Acta Anthropologica Sinica, 2011.Vol 30, issue 1:101)

2009 (Liu, Li) State emergence in early China. Annual Review of Anthropology 38:217-232.

2008 (Dongya Yang, Li Liu, Xingcan Chen and Camilla F. Speller) Wild or Domesticated: Ancient DNA Examination of ancient Water Buffalo Remains from North China. Journal of Archaeological Sciences 35: 2778–2785.

2007 (Li Liu, Gyoung-Ah Lee, Leping Jiang, Juzhong Zhang) Evidence for the early beginning (c. 9000 cal. BP) of rice domestication in China: a response. The Holocene 17 (8): 1059-106.