Lin Wei

Assistant Professor
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
South Dakota State University, Boorkings, SD, USA

Fields of interest:

Biomass processing, biofuel development, and food engineering

Recent publications:

Lin Wei, Lester O. Pordesimo, Agus Haryanto, James Wooten.
Co-gasification of hardwood chips and crude glycerol in a pilot scale downdraft gasifier.
Bioresource Technology, 2011, 102: 6266–6272.

Lin Wei, S. D. Filip To, Lester O. Pordesimo, William D. Batchelor.
Evaluation of micro-scale electricity generation cost using biomass-derived syngas through modeling.
International Journal of Energy Research, 2010, 35: 989 – 1003.

Zhongli Pan, Griffiths G. Atungulu, Lin Wei, and Ronald Haff.
Development of impact acoustic detection and density separations methods for production of high quality processed beans.
J. Food Eng. 2010, 97: 292-300.

Lin Wei, Lester O. Pordesimo, C.W. Herndon, William D. Batchelor.
Evaluation of micro-scale biomass synthetic gas production cost through modeling.
Transactions of the ASABE, 2009, 52 (5): 1649-1659.

Lin Wei, J. Alex Thomasson, Mark R. Bricka, Ruixiu Sui, James Wooten, and Eugene Columbus.
Syngas quality evaluation for biomass gasification with a downdraft gasifier.
Transactions of the ASABE, 2009, 52(1): 21-37.

Lin Wei, Lester O. Pordesimo, C. Igathinathane, and William D. Batchelor.
Process engineering evaluation of ethanol production from wood through bioprocess and chemical catalysis.
Biomass and Bioenergy. 2009, 33(2): 255-266.

Peilin Yang, Eugene P. Columbus, James Wooten, William D. Batchelor, Prashanth R. Buchireddy, Xuejun Ye, Lin Wei.
Evaluation of syngas storage under different pressures and temperatures.
Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 2009, 25(1): 121-128