Damon P. Little

Assistant Curator of Bioinformatics
The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Program for Molecular Systematics
The New York Botanical Garden, New York, USA
E-mail: dlittle@nybg.org
Page: http://www.nybg.org/science/scientist_profile.php?id_scientist=29

Fields of interest: 

gymnosperms, bioinformatics, DNA barcoding


Recent publications:

Nagalingum, N. S., C. R. Marshall, T. B. Quental, H. S. Rai, D. P. Little, and S. Mathews:
Recent synchronous radiation of a living fossil.
Science, 2011, 334(6057): 796–799.

Little, D. P.:
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Jeanson, M. L., J.–N. Labat, and D. P. Little.:
DNA Barcoding: a new tool for palm taxonomists?
Annals of Botany, 2011, 108(8): 1445–1451.

Stoeckle, M. Y., C. C. Gamble, R. Kirpekar, G. Young, S. Ahmed, and D. P. Little.:
Commercial teas highlight plant DNA barcode identification successes and obstacles.
Scientific Reports, 2011, 1: 42.

Little, D. P., P. Thomas, H. T. Nguyễn, and L. K. Phan.:
Before it had a name: diagnostic characteristics, geographic distribution, and the conservation of Cupressus tonkinensis (Cupressaceae).
Brittonia,2011, 63(2): 171–196.

Hollingsworth, P. M., S. W. Graham, and D. P. Little.:
Choosing and using a plant DNA barcode.
PLoS ONE, 2011, 6(5): e19254.

Little, D. P.:
A unified index of sequence quality and contig overlap for DNA barcoding.
Bioinformatics, 2010, 26 (21): 2780–2781.

CBOL Plant Working Group: Hollingsworth, P. M., L. L. Forrest, J. L. Spouge, M. Hajibabaei, S. Ratnasingham, M. van der Bank, M. W. Chase, R. S. Cowan, D. L. Erickson, A. J. Fazekas, S. W. Graham, K. E. James, K.–J. Kim, W. J. Kress, H. Schneider, J. van Alphen Stahl, S. C. H. Barrett, C. van den Berg, D. Bogarin, K. S. Burgess, K. M. Cameron, M. Carine, J. Chacón, A. Clark, J. J. Clarkson, F. Conrad, D. S. Devey, C. S. Ford, T. A. J. Hedderson, M. L. Hollingsworth, B. C. Husband, L. J. Kelly, P. R. Kesanakurti, J. S. Kim, Y. D. Kim, R. Lahaye, H.–L. Lee, D. G. Long, S. Madriñán, O. Maurin, I. Meusnier, S. G. Newmaster, C.–Wu Park, D. M. Percy, G. Petersen, J. E. Richardson, G. A. Salazar, V. Savolainen, O. Seberg, M. J. Wilkinson, D.–K. Yi, and D. P. Little. 2009: 
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PLoS ONE 2 (11): e1154.

Little, D. P. and D. Wm. Stevenson. 2007: 
A comparison of algorithms for identification of specimens using DNA barcodes: examples from gymnosperms.
Cladistics 23 (1): 1–21.