Liu Ai Qun

School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Division of Microelectronics

Fields of interest

Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) device physics and fabrication technology,
Optical and photonic MEMS,
Photonic bandgap crystal and structure,
Micro-opto-fluidics and biophotonic-on-a-chip.


Recent publications

Y. Yang, A. Q. Liu, L. K. Chin, X. M. Zhang, D. P. Tsai, C. L. Lin, C. Lu, G. P. Wang, N. I. Zheludev,
Optofluidic waveguide as a transformation optics device for lightwave bending and manipulation,
Nature Communications 3, 651, 2012.

Y. Yang, A. Q. Liu, L. Lei, L. K. Chin, C. D. Ohl, Q. J. Wang, and H. S. Yoon,
A tunable 3D optofluidic waveguide dye laser via two centrifugal Dean flow streams,
Lab on a Chip 11, Issue 18, pp.3182-3187, 2011.

L. K. Chin, J. Q. Yu, Y. Fu, T. Yu, A. Q. Liu and K. Q. Luo,
Production of reactive oxygen species in endothelial cells under different pulsatile shear stresses and glucose concentrations,
Lab on a Chip 11, Issue 11, pp.1856-1863, 2011.

S. Xiong, A. Q. Liu, L. K. Chin and Y. Yang,
An optofluidic prism tuned by two laminar flows,
Lab on a Chip 11, Issue 11, pp.1864-1869, 2011.

Z. G. Li, K. Ando, J. Q. Yu, A. Q. Liu, J. B. Zhang and C. D. Ohl,
Fast on-demand droplet fusion using transient cavitation bubbles,
Lab on a Chip 11, Issue 11, pp 1879-1885, 2011.