Lydia Tacheva, MD

Central Medical Library
Medical University – Sofia

Fields of interest

Public Health

Library Information Systems

Information Resources for Medicine

Medical Databases

Recent publications

Zh. Surcheva, I. Alexandrov, L. Tacheva, S. Tomova
Ethics in medicine and biotechnology: European Information Network provides practical assistance for Bulgarian health professionals,
Med. pregled , 42, 2006, N 3, с. 106-109, 3 fig., Sum. Bulg.

Zh. Surcheva, L. Tacheva, K. Bisserova, N. Papoukchieva.
Multimedia and medical education – results and impressions from the Medical University – Sofia 2000. Sots. med. , 8, 2000, N 2, с. 37-39.

L. Tacheva, Zh. Sourcheva, K. Bisserova, G. Venkova.
Automated information systems with bibliographic and factographic information in the practice of bulgarian physicians.
1994 Sots. med. , 2, 1994, N 3-4, с. 39-40.