Paul J. Lucassen

Associate Professor, PhD
SILS Center for Neuroscience
University of Amsterdam


Fields of interest:

Structural plasticity in relation to stress and disease – apoptosis and regulation of adult neurogenesis and its relevance for depression and dementia



Recent publications:

Marlatt M. W., Lucassen P. J., van Praag H.:
Comparison of neurogenic effects of fluoxetine, duloxetine and running in mice

Brain Res. 2010; 1341: 93-99.


Oomen C. A., Soeters H., Audureau N., Vermunt L., van Hasselt F. N., Manders E. M., Joels M., Lucassen P. J., Krugers H.:

Severe early life stress hampers spatial learning and neurogenesis, but improves hippocampal synaptic plasticity and emotional learning under high-stress conditions in adulthood

J. Neurosci. 2010; 30(19): 6635-6645.


Christensen D. Z., Schneider-Axmann T., Lucassen P. J., Bayer T. A., Wirths O.:

Accumulation of intraneuronal Abeta correlates with ApoE4 genotype

Acta Neuropathol. 2010; 119(5): 555-566.


Lucassen P. J., Stumpel M. W., Wang Q., Aronica E.:

Decreased numbers of progenitor cells but no response to antidepressant drugs in the hippocampus of elderly depressed patients

Neuropharmacology 2010; 58(6): 940-949.


Wirths O., Bethge T., Marcello A., Harmeier A., Jawhar S., Lucassen P. J., Multhaup G., Brody D. L., Esparza T., Ingelsson M., Kalimo H., Lannfelt L., Bayer T. A.:

Pyroglutamate Abeta pathology in APP/PS1KI mice, sporadic and familial Alzheimer's disease cases

J. Neural. Transm. 2010; 117(1): 85-96.


Boer K., Lucassen P. J., Spliet W. G., Vreugdenhil E., van Rijen P. C., Troost D., Jansen F. E., Aronica E.:

Doublecortin-like (DCL) expression in focal cortical dysplasia and cortical tubers

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Long-term cognitive deficits accompanied by reduced neurogenesis after soman poisoning

Neurotoxicology 2009; 30(1): 72-80.


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Opposite effects of early maternal deprivation on neurogenesis in male versus female rats

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J. Comp. Neurol. 2008; 507(4): 1639-1652.