Ariel Lugo

International Institute of Tropical Forestry
USDA Forest Service, USA

Fields of interest: 

Tropical Forest Ecology and Management


Recent publications:

 A.E. Lugo, and F.N. Scatena:
Background and catastrophic tree mortality in tropical moist, wet, and rain forests.
Biotropica 28(4a):585-599

A.E. Lugo:
The apparent paradox of re-establishing species richness on degraded lands with tree monocultures.
Forest Ecology and Management 99(100):9-19.

A.E. Lugo, editor:
Rendimiento y aspectos silviculturales de plantaciones madereras en América Latina.
Serie Forestal No. 9. Oficina Regional de la FAO para América Latina y el Caribe. Santiago, Chile. 155 p.

V.H. Dale, A.E. Lugo, J.A. MacMahon, and S.T.A. Pickett:
Ecosystem management in the context of large, infrequent disturbances.
Ecosystems 1:546-557.

W.L. Silver, A.E. Lugo, and M. Keller:
Soil oxygen availability and biogeochemistry along rainfall and topographic gradients in upland wet tropical forest soils.
Biogeochemistry 44:301-328.