Ferenc Markus

Institute of Physics
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
E-mail: markus@phy.bme.hu, markusferi@tvn.hu
Page: http://dept.phy.bme.hu/staff/markus/markus.html

Fields of interest:

  • Thermodynamics and statistical physics,
  • Field theoretical methods,
  • Extremum and variational principles

    (dissipative processes, Hamilton-Lagrange formalism, canonical formalism, classical and quantum dynamics, Feynman path integral method, Bohm quantization, boson systems, non-extensive thermostatics, stochastic processes, dissipation and information loss)


Recent publications (selected):

K. Gambar, F. Markus:
A possible dynamical phase transition between the dissipative and the non-dissipative solutions of a thermal process,
Physics Letters A (2006).

K. Gambar, F. Markus:
Hamilton's principle for a set of nonlinear heat conduction,
Open Systems and Information Dynamics, Vol. 12, (2005), p. 239.

F. Markus, K. Gambar:
Quasiparticles in a thermal process,
Physical Review E, Vol. 71, (2005), art. 066117.

F. Markus, K. Gambar:
Derivation of the upper limit of temperature from the field theory of thermodynamics,
Physical Review E, Vol. 70, (2004), art. 055102(R).

F. Markus, K. Gambar:
Generalized Hamilton-Jacobi equation for simple dissipative processes,
Physical Review E, Vol. 70, (2004), art. 016123.

F. Markus, K. Gambar:
Fisher, bound, and extreme physical information for dissipative processes,
Physical Review E, Vol. 68, (2003), art. 016121.

K. Gambar, F. Markus:
Onsager's regression and the field theory of parabolic processes,
Physica A, Vol. 320, (2003), p. 193.