Sarah Martin

Department of Industry & Resources
Geological Survey of Western Australia

Fields of interest:

  • invertebrate palaeontology; 
  • palaeoentomology; 
  • palaeoecology


Recent publications:

S.K. Martin: 
Hill River rediscovered: Early Jurassic insects from Western Australia,
Alavesia, Vol. 2, in press

S.K. Martin:
A new protorhyphid fly (Insecta: Diptera: Protorhyphidae) from the Lower Jurassic of the Perth
Basin, Western Australia,
Alavesia,Vol. 2 , in press

S. Martin and K.J. McNamara:
First record of a neolampidoid echinoid from the Cenozoic of Western Australia,
Records of the Western Australian Museum, Vol. 22, (2004), pp. 213-217