John Mbiti

Professor Emeritus
University of Bern

Fields of interest: 

African and Asian theology and philosophy, Christian perspective on African religions, Ecumenism


Recent publications:

Bible and Theology in African Christianity.
Oxford University Press (April 1987).

The Prayers of African Religion.
London: SPCK (October 1975).

Introduction to African Religion.
African Writers Series. Heinemann [1975] (1991).

Love and Marriage in Africa.
London: Longman (1973).

New Testament Eschatology in an African Background.
Oxford University Press (March 1971).

Concepts of God in Africa.
London: SPCK (April 1970)

African Religions and Philosophy.
African Writers Series. Heinemann [1969] (1990).

Poems of Nature and Faith.
Poets of Africa. East African Publishing House (1969).

Akamba Stories.
Oxford Library of African Literature. Oxford University Press (December 1966).