Michal Bronikowski

Associate professor
Physical Education, Physiotherapy and Sport
University School of Physical Education, Poznan, Poland
E-mail: Michal.Bronikowski@degruyteropen.com
Page: http://www.awf.poznan.pl

Fields of interest

sport pedagogy, methodology of teaching in physical education, games and movement plays

Recent publications

M.Bronikowski, M.Bronikowska, A.Kantanista (Eds.):
Teaching games – from the cultural, social and sporting perspective.
Book no 69, AWF Poznań (2012).

M. Bronikowski, A. Krawański, W. Osiński (Eds.):
Physical education and health education – common didactic goals and interdependencies.
Book no 67, AWF Poznań (2011).

M. Bronikowski, M. Bronikowska:
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Scandinavian J Public Health, 39(7), 704 (2011).

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M. Bronikowski:
Is sense of coherence needed to keep youth physically active?
Medicina dello Sport, 63(4), 465-483 (2010).

M. Bronikowski:
Physical Education – teaching and learning.
Podręcznik no 63, AWF Poznań (2010).

M. Bronikowski, M. Bronikowska, A. Kantanista, M. Ciekot, I. Laudańska-Krzemińska, Sz. Szwed:
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Biomedical Human Kinetics, 1, 86 (2009).

M.Bronikowski, M.Bronikowska:
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