Elizabeth McGraw

Larkins Fellow/Assistant Prof
School of Biological Sciences
Monash University
E-mail: beth.mcgraw@monash.edu

Fields of interest: 

Evolution of the insect immune response, symbionts


Recent publications:

Rances E, Ye YH, Woolfit M, McGraw EA, O’Neill SL:
The Relative importance of innate immune priming in Wolbachia-mediated pathogen blocking.
PLoS Pathogens, 8, (2012): e1002548.

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Successful establishment of Wolbachia in Aedes populations to suppress dengue transmission.
Nature, 476, (2011): 454-U107.

Ye YH, McGraw EA:
Adult Drosophila melanogaster evolved for antibacterial defense invest in infection-induced expression of both humoral and cellular immunity genes.
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Caragata EP, Poinsignon A, Moreira LA, Johnson PH, Leong YS, Ritchie SA, O’Neill SL, McGraw EA:
Improved accuracy of the transcriptional profiling method of age grading in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes under laboratory and semi-field cage conditions and in the presence of Wolbachia infection.
Insect Molecular Biology, 20, (2011): 215-224.

Evans O, Caragata EP, McMeniman CJ, Woolfit M, Green DC, Williams CR, Franklin CE, O’Neill SL, McGraw EA:
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Journal of Experimental Biology, 212, (2009): 1436-1441.

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