Manfred Denich

Senior scientist, Acting director
Ecology and Natural Resources Management
Center for Development Research (ZEF), Bonn University

Fields of interest:

Tropical land-use systems, biodiversity, development research

Recent publications:

Schmitt C.B., Feyera S., Tadesse W., Rudner M., Denich M.:
Importance of regional climates for plant species distribution patterns in moist Afromontane forest.
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Kugbe J.X., Fosu M., Tamene L. Desta, Denich M., Vlek P.L.G.:
Annual vegetation burns across the northern savanna region of Ghana: period of occurrence, area burns, nutrient losses and emissions.
Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 2012, 93, 265-284.

Capote-Fuentes R.T., Denich M., Berger U., Vlek P.L.G.:
Testing a theoretical framework on the linear segment of the biomass-density trajectory of forests.
Revista del Jardín Botánico Nacional – Universidad de La Habana 2011 (in press)

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Journal of Arid Environments 2011, 75: 499-503.

Mekuria A., Vlek P.L.G., Denich M.:
Application of the Caesium-137 technique to soil degradation studies in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia.
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