Joseph G. Meert

Geological Sciences
University of Florida

Fields of Interest:

Tectonics, Paleomagnetism, Precambrian Geology, global reconstructions

My research is focused broadly on the interval of geologic time from the Paleoproterozoic (~2500 Ma) through the earliest Paleozoic (~490 Ma). I use paleomagnetism and geochronology to trace the history of continents during that time period (particularly the continents making up Gondwana). I also examine the relationship between plate configuration, paleoclimate and the evolution of life on earth. Past and current projects have covered vastly different parts of the globe (Laurentia, Baltica, Urals, Eastern Africa, southwest Africa, Madagascar, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia).


Recent publications:

Meert, J.G., 2012.
What’s in a name? The Columbia (Palaeopangea/Nuna) Supercontinent,
Gondwana Research, 21, 987-993.

Pradhan, V.R., Meert, J.G., Pandit, M.K., Kamenov, G.D. and Mondal, E.A., 2012.
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Precambrian Research, 198-199, 51-76.

Meert, J.G., Pandit, M.K., Pradhan, V.R., Kamenov, G.D., 2011.
Preliminary report on the paleomagnetism of 1.88 Ga dykes from the Bastar and Dharwar cratons,
Gondwana Research, 20, 335-343.

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Kotlin regional stage in the South Urals,
Doklady Earth Sciences, 440, 1222-1226.

Levashova, N.M, Meert, J.G., Gibsher, A.S., Grice, W.C., Bazhenov, M.L., 2011.
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Precambrian Research, 185, 37-54.

Meert, J.G., Gibsher, A.S., Levashova, N.M., Grice, W.C. & Kamenov, G.D., 2011.
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An ‘inverse conglomerate’ test and timing of in-situ Terra Rossa formation at Bloomington, Indiana,
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