Helle Metslang

Chair of Estonian Language, Professor
Department of Estonian
University of Tartu
E-mail: metslang@ut.ee
Page: http://humanitaarteadused.ut.ee/en/helle-metslang-1

Fields of interest:
  • Syntax and morphosyntax
  • The dynamics of language
  • Contrastive and typological studies
  • Phraseology
Recent publications:

H. Metslang, L. Lindström
Essive in Estonian.
In: Casper de Groot (Ed.). Uralic Essive and the Expression of Impermanent State. John Benjamins. (in press)

H. Metslang, B. Klaas-Lang
Language policy and sustainability of Estonian in higher education.
In: Duisburger Arbeiten zur Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft Duisburg Papers on Research in Language and Culture. (161−177). Peter Lang Verlag 2015.

H. Metslang, K. Pajusalu, K. Habicht
Conjunctive markers of polar questions in Estonian.
In: Martin Hilpert (Ed.). New Trends in Nordic and General Linguistics (283−306). Berlin: DeGruyter Mouton 2015. (Linguae et litterae).

H. Metslang, K. Pajusalu, T. Viitso
Negation in Livonian.
In: Matti Miestamo, Anne Tamm, Beáta Wagner-Nagy (Ed.). Negation in Uralic languages (433−456). Amsterdam: Benjamins 2015. (Typological Studies in Language.).

H. Metslang, P. Kehayov, K. Pajusalu
Evidentiality in Livonian.
Linguistica Uralica, 48 (1/ 2012), 41−54.

H. Metslang
Some grammatical innovations in the development of Estonian and Finnish: forced grammaticalization.
Linguistica Uralica, 47 (4/2011), 241−256.

H. Metslang, K. Habicht, K. Pajusalu
Developmental paths of interrogative particles: the case of Estonian. Folia Linguistica Historica, 32 (1/2011), 149−187.

H. Metslang, M. Sepper
Mood in Estonian.
In: Björn Rothstein, Rolf Thieroff (Ed.). Moods in the Languages of Europe (528−550). Amsterdam ; Philadelphia: John Benjamins 2010. (Studies in Language Companion Series; Vol. 2).

H. Metslang
Estonian grammar between Finnic and SAE: some comparisons. Language Typology and Universals 2009, 49−71.

H. Metslang
The pitfalls of a language: Estonian as L2.
In: M.M. Jocelyne Fernandez-Vest, Danh Thanh Do-Hurinville (Ed.). Plurilinguisme et traduction – des enjeux pour l’Europe. (119−134). Paris: L’Harmattan 2009. (Collection Grammaire & Cognition; 6).