Massimo Figari

Associate Professor
Department of Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunication Engineering and Naval Architecture (DITEN)
Università di Genova

Fields of interest

Ship propulsion systems and ship auxiliary systems, performance simulation, control strategies, energy evaluation, ship environmental footprint


Recent publications

M. Altosole, M. Figari, M. Viviani:
6 dof simulation of maneuvering and propulsive performance of a waterjet propelled mega yacht,
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Warship 2010 Conference,2010, ISBN 978-1-905040-71-1.

S. Michetti, M. Ratto, A. Spadoni, M. Figari, M. Altosole, G. Marcilli:
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M. Figari, G. Vigna, S. Vignolo:
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M. Figari, S. Vignolo:
Effect of mass and inertia changes on on the equations of motion of a vessel,
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