Hâncean Marian-Gabriel

Ph.D. / Associate Professor
University of Bucharest
E-mail: gabriel.hancean@sas.unibuc.ro
Page: http://gabrielhancean.wordpress.com/

Fields of interest:

Social network analysis, Organizational studies

Recent publications

Vlăsceanu, Lazar and Marian-Gabriel Hâncean. 2015. ‘Policy Incentives and Research Productivity in the Romanian Higher Education. An Institutional Approach.’ Pp. 195 – 213. In Curaj, A., Matei, L., Pricopie, R., Salmi, J. and Scott, P. (eds.). The European Higher Education Area: Between Critical Reflections and Future Policies. Springer Open (forthcoming).

Hâncean, Marian-Gabriel, Matjaz Perc and Lazar Vlăsceanu. 2014. ‘Fragmented Romanian Sociology: Growth and Structure of the Collaboration Network’. PLoS ONE 9(11): e113271.

Vlăsceanu, Lazar and Marian-Gabriel Hâncean. 2014. ‘Relations of Correspondence and their Unintended Consequences in the Higher Education of Communist Romania’. International Review of Social Research, 4(2).

Hâncean, Marian-Gabriel. 2013. ‘A Brief Overview of Social Network Analysis and its Current State within Romanian Sociology.’ International Review of Social Research, 3(3) : 5 – 11.

Păunescu, Mihai and Marian-Gabriel Hâncean. 2013. ‘Ranking the Romanian Departments of Sociology. Comparative Results of Different Evaluation Methodologies.’ Quality Assurance Review for Higher Education, 5: 5-17.

Vlăsceanu, Lazar and Marian-Gabriel Hâncean. 2012. ‘Policy and Prediction. The Case of Institutional Diversity in Romanian Higher Education.’ C.E.P.S. Journal. 2 (4): 53 – 70.

Paunescu, Mihai, Bogdan Florian and Marian-Gabriel Hâncean. 2012. ‘Internalizing Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Challenges of Transition in Enhancing the Institutional Responsibility for Quality’. Pp. 317 – 337. In Curaj, A., Scott, P., Vlasceanu, L. si Wilson, L. (eds.), European Higher Education at the Crossroads. Higher education series, Springer.