Michael G. Sideris

Professor of geodesy
Department of Geomatics Engineering
University of Calgary, Canada
E-mail: sideris@ucagary.ca
Page: http://people.ucalgary.ca/~sideris

Fields of interest: 

  • Spatial and temporal gravity field and geoid modeling
  • Geophysical applications of dedicated gravity satellite missions (GRACE, GOCE)
  • Satellite altimetry
  • Airborne gravimetry and gravity gradiometry
  • Height reference systems and vertical datums
  • Spectral and wavelet methods

Main publications:

Sideris M.G. (2014).
Geodetic World Height System Unification.
In Handbook of Geomathematics, 2nd Edition, W. Freeden, M.Z. Nashed, T. Sonar (Editors in Chief), Springer, in press.

Boergens E., Rangelova E., Sideris M.G. and J. Kusche (2014).
Assessment of the capabilities of the temporal and spatio-temporal ICA method for geophysical signal separation in GRACE data.
Journal of Geophysical Research – Solid Earth Vol. 119, Issue 5 (May), pp. 4429–4447.

Sanso, F. and M.G. Sideris (Eds.) (2013).
Geoid Determination – Theory and Methods.
Lecture Notes in Earth System Sciences, Vol. 110. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

van der Wal W., Wu P., Wang H. and M.G. Sideris (2010).
Sea levels and uplift rate from composite rheology in glacial isostatic adjustment modeling.
Journal of Geodynamics Vol. 50, pp. 38-48.

Weigelt M., Sideris M.G. and N. Sneeuw (2009).
On the influence of the ground track on the gravity field recovery from high-low satellite-to-satellite tracking missions – CHAMP monthly gravity field recovery using the energy balance approach revisited.
Journal of Geodesy Vol. 83, pp. 1131-1143.

Rangelova E. and M.G. Sideris (2008).
Contributions of terrestrial and GRACE data to the study of the secular geoid changes in North America.
Journal of Geodynamics Vol. 46, pp. 131-143.

Xu C., Weigelt M., Sideris M.G. and N. Sneeuw (2007).
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