Mehraj Ahmad

Post Doctoral Fellow
School of Industrial Technology
University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Fields of interest:

Enzyme technology, biopolymer structure function properties, utilization of fishery wastes, biodegradable/edible films (emphasis on protein-based films), bio-based polymer blend and (nano)composite.

Recent publications:

Ahmad M, Benjakul S, Sumpavapol P, Nirmal NP. (2012).
Use of edible films incorporated with lemongrass essential oil for shelf life extension of sea bass fish slices.
International Journal of Food Microbiology. 155, 3, 171-178.

Ahmad M, Benjakul S, Prodpran T, Agustini TW. (2012).
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Food Hydrocolloids. 28, 1, 189-199.

Ahmad M, Benjakul S. (2011).
Impact of legume seed extracts on degradation and functional properties of gelatin from unicorn leatherjacket skin.
Process Biochemistry. 46, 10, 2021-2029.

Ahmad M, Benjakul S, Prodpran T, Ovissipour M. (2011).
Indigenous proteases in the skin of unicorn leatherjacket (Alutherus monoceros) and their influence on characteristic and functional properties of gelatin.
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