Maritha Hörsing

Sustainable development, environmental science and engineering
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Fields of interest:

organic pollutants, degradation, uptake, removal

Recent publications:

Hörsing, M., Ledin, A., Grabic, R., Fick, J., Tysklind, M., Jansen, J. la C., Andersen, H.R. (2011) Determination of sorption of seventy-five pharmaceuticals in sewage sludge. Water Research, 45, 4470-4482.

Hörsing, M., Kosjek, T., Andersen, H.R., Heath, E., Ledin, A. (2012) Fate of Citalopram during water treatment with O3, ClO2, UV and fenton oxidation. Chemosphere, 89 (2) 129-135.