Hrvoje Mlinarić

Vice-head of department, assistant professor
Department of Control and Computer Engineering
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Fields of interest:

  • Embedded systems,
  • Data compression,
  • Parallel computing,
  • Hardware/software codesign,
  • FPGA,
  • Software engineering


Recent publications:

Žagar, M.,  Kovac, M., Knezović, J., Mlinarić, H.:
3D Object Classification and Segmentation Methods, 
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Knezović, J., Kovač, M., Klapan, I., Mlinarić, H., Vranješ, Ž., Lukinović, J., Rakić, M.:
Application of novel lossless compression of medical images using prediction and contextual error modeling,
Collegium antropologicum, 31 (2007) 4, pp. 11431150, 2007

Knezović, J., Mario, M., Mlinarić, H.:
Integrating Streaming Computations for Efficient Execution on Novel Multicore Architectures,
Automatica, 2011 

Zagar, M., Mlinarić, H., Knezović, J.:
3D Surface Analysis and Classification in Neuroimaging Segmentation,
Collegium antropologicum, 2010

Rožić, M., Rokov, J., Mlinarić, H.:
Implementation of a RISC Computer Architecture in Programmable Logic,
31st International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics (MIPRO 2008), pp. 208-213

Kovač, M., Mlinarić, H., Čavrak, I., Knezović, J., Mornar, V., Pukljak-Zoković, D.:
System architecture of a new national student card in Croatia,
Scenarios for the future, Brijuni, Croatia, 2007

Knezovic, J., Kovac, M., Mlinarić, H.:
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