Maria Laura Parisi

Assistant Professor of Economic Policy
Economics and Management
University of Brescia, Italy
Managing Editor Management, Business, Finance

Responsibilities at De Gruyter Open:

  • Strategically plans and manages Open Access Books publishing program in Management, Business, Finance
  • Searches for good book proposals and manuscripts
  • Builds team of Associate Editors  in all subfields of Management, Business, Finance
  • Assists authors in development of book manuscripts
  • Coordinates book copyediting, technical editing and production

Fields of interest:

  • Innovation and R&D
  • Labor Economics
  • Applied Economics
  • Policy Evaluation

Recent publications:

Miniaci Raffaele, Panteghini Paolo M., Maria Laura Parisi (2014):
“Debt shifting in Europe”,
International Tax and Public Finance, vol.21, issue 3, June, pp.397-435, DOI: 10.1007/s10797-012-9266-4, ISSN: 0927-5940 (Print) 1573-6970 (Online)

Arachi Giampaolo, Bucci Valeria, Longobardi Ernesto, Panteghini Paolo M., Parisi Maria Laura, Pellegrino Simone, Alberto Zanardi (2012):
“Fiscal Reforms during Fiscal Consolidation: the Case of Italy”,
FinanzArchiv, vol.68, n.4, pp.445-465, ISSN:0015-2218, doi: 10.1628/001522112X659574

Biagi Federico, Maria Laura Parisi (2012):
“Are ICT, Human Capital and Organizational Capital Complementary in Production? Evidence from Italian Panel Data”,
Publication Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, vol. JRC75890, ISBN:9789279269219, doi:10.2791/99567

Daveri Francesco, Maria Laura Parisi (2010):
“Experience, Innovation and Productivity. Empirical Evidence from Italy’s Slowdown”,
CESifo working paper series n.3123, ISSN:1617-9595 (forthcoming into Industrial and Labor Relations Review)

Comino Stefano, Manenti Fabio, Maria Laura Parisi (2007):
“From planning to mature: on the success of open source projects”,
Research Policy, vol.36, issue 10, December, pp.1575-1586, ISSN:0048-7333, doi:10.1016/j.respol.2007.08.003

Parisi Maria Laura, Schiantarelli Fabio, Alessandro Sembenelli (2006):
“Productivity, innovation and R&D: Micro evidence for Italy”,
European Economic Review, vol.50, issue 8, pp.2037-2061, ISSN:0014-2921, doi:10.1016/j.euroecorev.2005.08.002

Miniaci Raffaele, Maria Laura Parisi (2006):
“Social Interactions and the Digital Divide: Identification and Policy Implications”,
BEJEAP, Contributions to Economic Analysis and Policy, Berkeley Electronic Press now De Gruyter, vol.5, issue 1, Art.29, ISSN:1538-0645

Parisi Maria Laura, Alessandro Sembenelli (2003):
“Is Private R&D Spending Sensitive to Its Price? Empirical Evidence on Panel Data for Italy”,
Empirica, vol.30, issue 4, pp.357-377, ISSN:0340-8744