Stephen J. Mojzsis

Associate Professor
Geological Sciences
University of Colorado at Boulder

Fields of interest:

  • geobiology; 
  • geochronology- particularly of granite gneiss terranes; 
  • stable isotope and trace element geochemistry; 
  • cosmochemistry; 
  • crustal evolution; 
  • evolution of atmospheric oxygen; 
  • origin of biogeochemical cycles.

Recent publications:

N.L. Cates, S.J. Mojzsis: 
Metamorphic zircon, trace elements and Neoarchean metamorphism in the ca. 3.75 Ga Nuvvuagittuq supracrustal belt, Québec
Chemical Geology, Vol. 261, (2009), pp. 98-113

G. Caro, V.C. Bennett, B. Bourdon, T.M. Harrison, S.J. Mojzsis, J.W.
Precise analysis of 142Nd/144Nd in small samples: Application to Hadean zircons from Jack Hills (W. Australia) and diamond inclusions from Finsch (S. Africa).,
Chemical Geology, Vol. 247, (2008), pp. 253-265

G. Turner, A. Busfield, S. Crowther, T.M. Harrison, S.J. Mojzsis, J. Gilmour: 
Pu-Xe, U-Xe, U-Pb chronology and isotope systematics of ancient zircons from Western
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Vol. 261, (2007), pp. 491-499

D. Trail, S.J. Mojzsis, T.M. Harrison: 
Thermal events documented in Hadean zircons by ion microprobe depth profiles,
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Vol. 71, (2007), pp. 4044-4065

S.J. Mojzsis: 
Sulphur on the Early Earth. 
In: Van Kranendonk, M..J., Smithies, R.H. and Bennett, V. (Eds.) Earth’s oldest
Developments in Precambrian Geology, Vol. 15, (2007) pp. 923-970

D. Trail, S.J. Mojzsis, T.M. Harrison, A.K. Schmitt, E.B. Watson, E.D. Young: 
Constraints on Hadean protoliths from oxygen isotopes and Ti-thermometry,
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, Vol. 8, (2007), doi:10.1029/2006GC001449.

D. Papineau, S.J. Mojzsis, A.K. Schmitt: 
Multiple sulfur isotopes from Paleoproterozoic Huronian interglacial sediments and the rise of atmospheric
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Vol. 255, (2007), pp. 188-212.

N.L. Cates, S.J. Mojzsis: 
Pre-3750 Myr supracrustal rocks from the Nuvvuagittuq Belt (Porpoise Cove), northern Québec,
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Vol. 255, (2007), pp. 9-21.

N. Dauphas, N.L. Cates, S.J. Mojzsis, V. Busigny:
Recognition of sedimentary protoliths with iron isotopes in the >3.76 Ga Nuvvuagituk supracrustal
belt, Canada,
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Vol. 254, (2007), pp. 358-376.

D. Papineau, S.J. Mojzsis: 
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West Greenland. Geobiology, Vol. 4, (2006), pp. 227-238.