Detlev Möller

Chair for Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Pollution Control Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Process Engineering
Brandenburg Technical University

Fields of interest: 

atmospheric chemistry, esp. multiphase chemistry
history of air chemistry and air pollution
sustainable chemistry, esp. global cycling


Recent publications:

Möller, D.(2011):
SONNE: solar-based man-made carbon cycle, and the carbon dioxide economy.
Ambio,40,  DOI 10.1007/s13280-011-0197-6

Möller, D. (2011):
Atmospheric Chemistry – Bridging the Chemical Air Composition with the Climate.
Idöjaras. 115, 123-145

Möller, D. (2010):
Chemistry of the climate system.
De Gruyter, Berlin und New York, 722 pp.

Möller, D. (2009):
Atmospheric Hydrogen Peroxide: Evidence for aqueous-phase formation from an historic perspective and a one-year measurement campaign.
Atmos. Environ. 43,  5923-5936

Möller, D. (2008):
On the history of the scientific exploration of fog, dew, rain and other atmospheric water.
Die Erde 139, 11-44

Möller, D.(2004):
The tropospheric ozone problem.
Archives of industrial hygiene andtoxicology,  55, 11-23

Möller, D. (2002):
Hydrogen peroxide trends in Greenland glaciers. In. Encyclopedia of global environmental change (Hrsg. T. Munn)Vol. 1: The Earth´s system: physical and chemical dimensions of global environmental change (Ed. M. C. MacCracken and J. S.Perry)
J. Wiley & Sons, Chichester, pp. 447-450

Möller, D. (2002):
Rethinking the tropospheric ozone problem. In: Problems of Atmospheric Boundary-layer Physics and Air Pollution – To the 80th Birthday of Professor M.E. Berlyand (Hrsg. S.S. Chicherin),
Hydrometeizdat, St. Petersburg 2002, pp. 252-269