Glenn E. Morris

Professor, PhD
Institute of Science and Technology in Medicine
Keele University


Fields of interest:

Neuromuscular disease, producing monoclonal antibodies as highly-specific research tools for analysis of molecular mechanisms in the pathogenesis of human genetic disease and for improved diagnosis



Recent publications:

Fuller H. R., Man N. T., Lam le T., Shamanin V. A., Androphy E. J., Morris G. E.:
Valproate and bone loss: iTRAQ proteomics show that valproate reduces collagens and osteonectin in SMA cells

J. Proteome Res. 2010; 9(8): 4228-4233.


Randles K. N., Lam le T., Sewry C. A., Puckelwartz M., Furling D., Wehnert M., McNally E. M., Morris G. E.:
Nesprins, but not sun proteins, switch isoforms at the nuclear envelope during muscle development

Dev. Dyn. 2010; 239(3): 998-1009.


Morris G. E., Randles K. N.:

Nesprin isoforms: are they inside or outside the nucleus?

Biochem. Soc. Trans. 2010; 38(Pt 1): 278-280.


Fuller H. R., Man N. T., Lam le T., Thanh le T., Keough R. A., Asperger A., Gonda T. J., Morris G. E.:
The SMN interactome includes Myb-binding protein 1a

J. Proteome Res. 2010; 9(1): 556-563.


Tome S., Holt I., Edelmann W., Morris G. E., Munnich A., Pearson C. E., Gourdon G.:
MSH2 ATPase domain mutation affects CTG*CAG repeat instability in transgenic mice

PLoS Genet 2009; 5(5): e1000482.


Holt I., Jacquemin V., Fardaei M., Sewry C. A., Butler-Browne G. S., Furling D., Brook J. D., Morris G. E.:
Muscleblind-like proteins: similarities and differences in normal and myotonic dystrophy muscle

Am. J. Pathol. 2009; 174(1): 216-227.


Morris G. E.:
The Cajal body

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Gavrilina T. O., McGovern V. L., Workman E., Crawford T. O., Gogliotti R. G., DiDonato C. J., Monani U. R., Morris G. E., Burghes A. H.:

Neuronal SMN expression corrects spinal muscular atrophy in severe SMA mice while muscle-specific SMN expression has no phenotypic effect

Hum. Mol. Genet. 2008; 17(8): 1063-1075.


Dansithong W., Wolf C. M., Sarkar P., Paul S., Chiang A., Holt I., Morris G. E., Branco D., Sherwood M. C., Comai L., Berul C. I., Reddy S.:
Cytoplasmic CUG RNA foci are insufficient to elicit key DM1 features
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