Meryl Shriver-Rice

Adjunct Professor
Audrey Cohen School for Human Services and Education
Metropolitan College of New York

Fields of interest:

Social media addiction; Pop culture trends; Social media and citizenship; The rise in social media issues of public/private, Documentary film; Digital aesthetics and Danish cinema; Media and American suburban culture; Media and Sexuality; Prejudice, race, and ethics in Classical Hollywood; Directors Susanne Bier, Steven Soderbergh, Quentin Tarantino, Lone Scherfig, and Alfred Hitchcock; national attempts to reinforce or reinvent discrete cultural identities in media-based museum exhibitions; Western world/third world dynamics in international cinema (post-colonial, neo-Imperialism); Heritage theory; and Film theory

Recent publications:

Shriver-Rice, M. (2014):
Forthcoming (Book) Inclusion in New Danish Cinema: Ethics for an Increasingly Digital World. Bristol: Intellect Press.

Shriver-Rice, M. (2012):
(Chapter in edited collection) Collins, Catherine Ann and Jeanne Ellen Clark, eds. Addressing the Unspeakable: War, Trauma, and Remembrance.
Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press. Identity, Memory, and Knowledge Transference in Bier and Sheridan’s Brothers

Shriver-Rice, M. (May 2011):
(Journal, cover story) Film International Vol. 9: No. 2 Special Issue: Hollywood and the Norden Adapting National Identity: Ethical borders made suspect in the Hollywood version of Susanne Bier’s Brothers.

Shriver-Rice, M. (2012):
(Article, e-journal) Women and the Silent Screen VI, Silent Leading Women: Agency and the Construction of Masculinity in Lois Weber’s The Blot.