Michal Šprlák

Postdoctoral researcher
New Technologies for the Information Society
Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia, Plzeň, Czech Republic
E-mail: sprlak@ntis.zcu.cz
Page: http://sites.google.com/site/michalsprlak/

Main publications:

Sebera, J., Šprlák, M., Novák, P., Bezděk, A., Vaľko, M. (2014).
Iterative Spherical Downward Continuation Applied to Magnetic and Gravitational Data from Satellite.
Surveys in Geophysics 35, 941-958.

Šprlák, M., Novák, P. (2014).
Integral Transformations of Deflections of the Vertical onto Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking and Gradiometric Data.
Journal of Geodesy 88, 643-657.

Šprlák, M., Novák, P. (2014).
Integral Transformations of Gradiometric Data onto GRACE Type of Observable.
Journal of Geodesy 88, 377-390.

Šprlák, M., Sebera, J., Vaľko, M., Novák, P. (2014).
Spherical Integral Formulas for Upward/Downward Continuation of Gravitational Gradients onto Gravitational Gradients.
Journal of Geodesy 88, 179-197.

Gerlach, C., Šprlák, M., Bentel, K., Pettersen, B.R. (2013).
Observation, Validation, Modeling – Historical Lines and Recent Results in Norwegian Gravity Field Research.
Kart og Plan 73, 128-151.

Šprlák, M. (2012).
A Graphical User Interface Application for Evaluation of the Gravitational Tensor Components Generated by a Level Ellipsoid of Revolution.
Computers & Geosciences 46, 77-83.

Šprlák, M., Gerlach, C., Pettersen, B.R. (2012).
Validation of GOCE Global Gravity Field Models Using Terrestrial Gravity Data in Norway.
Journal of Geodetic Science 2, 134-143.

Šprlák, M. (2011).
On the Numerical Problems of Spherical Harmonics: Numerical and Algebraic Methods Avoiding Instabilities of the Associated Legendre’s Functions.
Zeitschrift für Vermessungswesen 136 (5), 310-320.

Šprlák, M., Fašková, Z., Mikula, K. (2011).
On the Application of the Coupled Finite-Infinite Element Method to Geodetic Boundary-Value Problem.
Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica 55, 479-487.

Šprlák, M. (2010).
Generalized Geoidal Estimators for Deterministic Modifications of Spherical Stokes’s Function.
Contributions to Geophysics and Geodesy 40, 45-64.