Miaomiao Xie

Associate Professor
Land Resources Management
School of Land Science and Technology, China University of Geosciences (Beijing)
E-mail: xiemiaomiao@cugb.edu.cn
Page: http://dept.cugb.edu.cn/landsoil/ShowProducts_shizi_duiwu.asp?id=176

Fields of interest:

landscape ecology, land use and cover change

Recent publications:

Xie M., Wang Y., Fu M. et al.:
Pattern dynamics of thermal-environment effect during urbanization: A case study in Shenzhen City, China.
Chinese Geographical Science 2013, 23: 101-112.

Xie M., Li C., Liu X. et al.:
Biodiversity protection in land consolidation in Karst areas.
Transactions of the CSAE 2011, 27: 313-319.

Xie M., Bai Z., Fu M. et al.:
Effects of land disturbance on surface temperature in large opencast coal mine.
Journal of China Coal Society 2011, 36: 643-647.

Xie M., Wang Y., Fu M.:
An overview and perspective about causative factors of surface urban heat island effects.
Progress in Geography 2011, 30: 35-41.

Xie M., Wang Y., Li G.:
Spatial variation of impervious surface area and vegetation cover based on sub-pixel model in Shenzhen.
Resources Science 2009, 31: 257-264