Hossein Nahavandchi

Department of Civil and Transport Engineering
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim
E-mail: hossein.nahavandchi@ntnu.no
Page: http://folk.ntnu.no/nahavand/

Fields of interest

  • Geomatics and Geodesy
  • Climate Change Studies
  • Polar Research
  • Ocean Circulation and Transport
  • Satellite Earth Monitoring (Gravimetry and Altimetry)

Recent publications

H. Nahavandchi and G. Joodaki:
Correlation analysis of multipath effects in GPS-Code and carrier phase observations,
Survey Review, 42, 193-206 (2010).

H. Nahavandchi and A. Soltanpour:
Local ionospheric modelling of the GPS code and carrier phase observations,
Survey Review, 40, 271-284 (2008).

A. Soltanpour, H. Nahavandchi and W.E. Featherstone:
The use of second-generation wavelets to combine a gravimetric quasigeoid model with GPS-levelling data,
Journal of Geodesy, 80, 82-93 (2006).

H. Nahavandchi and A. Soltanpour:
Improved determination of heights using a conversion surface by combining gravimetric quasigeoid/geoid and GPS-levelling height differences,
Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica, 50, 165-180 (2006).

E. Nyrnes, T. Torkildsen and H. Nahavandchi
Detection of gross errors in Wellbore directional surveying for petroleum production with emphasis on reliability analyses,
Kart og Plan, 65, 98-116 (2005).

E. Nyrnes, T. Torkildsen and H. Nahavandchi:
Error properties of magnetic directional surveying data,
SPWLA 46th Annual Logging Symposium, Published in: Transactions of the SPWLA (2005).

H. Nahavandchi, A. Soltanpour and E. Nyrnes:
A New gravimetric geoidal height model over Norway computed by the least-squares modification parameters,
In: C. Jekeli, L. Bastos and J. Fernandes (EDS.), Gravity, Geoid, and Space Missions. Berlin: Springer Publishing Company. ISBN 3-540-26930-4, 191-196. (2004).

H. Nahavandchi:
The direct effect and downward continuation correction of atmospheric masses in gravimetric geoid determination,
Bolletino di Geodesia e Scienze Affini, 1, 1-11 (2004).

H. Nahavandchi:
A new strategy to the atmospheric gravity effect in gravimetric geoid determination,
Journal of Geodesy, 77, 823-828 (2004).

H. Nahavandchi:
The quest for a precise geoidal height model,
Kart og Plan, 1, 46-56 (2004).