Danko Nikolic

Group Leader
Department of Neurophysiology
Max-Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
E-mail: Danko.Nikolic@gmail.com
Page: http://mpih-frankfurt.mpg.de/global/Np/Staff/nikolic.htm

Fields of interest

  • How neuronal dynamics in the visual cortex produces perception
  • The reason some people experience synaesthesia

Recent publications

Feng, W., M. N. Havenith, P. Wang, W. Singer, D. Nikolić  (2010):
Frequencies of gamma/beta oscillations are stably tuned to stimulus properties.
NeuroReport, 21: 680-684.

Nikolić, D.*, S. Häusler*, W. Singer and W. Maass (2009):
Distributed fading memory for stimulus properties in the primary visual cortex.
PLoS Biology 2009, 7: e1000260.
*contributed equally

Mroczko A., T. Metzinger, W. Singer, D. Nikolić (2009):
Immediate transfer of synesthesia to a novel inducer.
Journal of Vision, 9: 2521-2528.

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Frontiers in INTEGRATIVE NEUROSCIENCE 3:17. doi:10.3389/neuro.07.017.2009

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